2019 NCEMA Awards

          Our NCEMA Awards Committee Chairman Jordan Rink and the entire Awards Committee worked diligently to review recommendation packages and select recipients of the 2019 North Carolina Emergency Management Association Annual Awards. These awards were presented at the close of the “North Carolina Emergency Management 2019 Fall Conference’s” Tuesday evening Awards Banquet.
          The award recipients were:
          The James F. Buffalo Award was presented to presented to Phillip McCorquodale (Phillip’s Towing Service) for his outstanding support and leadership to local emergency management agencies.
          The Vance E. Kee Award was presented to Jason Reavis (Vance County Emergency Operations) for his outstanding achievement in his local emergency management program through promoting emergency management among other county and state agencies and elected officials.


          The Colonel William A. Thompson Award was presented to David Leonard (Area 10 Coordinator, Central Branch Office of the North Carolina Division of Emergency Management) for his outstanding achievement in assisting local emergency management coordinators with programs, incidents and information.  Accepting David’s award is Mike Sprayberry (NC Division of Emergency Management Director).
          The Colonel Phillip Nichlos Waters Award was presented to Doug Logan (Granville County Emergency Services) for his outstanding achievement in his local emergency management program and his contributions to the overall good and advancement of the emergency management system in the North Carolina.
          To learn more about the NCEMA Awards Program go to https://www.ncema.net/awards.